It was in 2016, the first Adidas ‘The Base’ India opened its doors to the city of Delhi with the first ever AstroTurf pitch installed in the country. The Base was designed keeping in mind the needs of the new age urban soccer player and aims of redefining their playing experience. Being the first of its kind in India and arguably the best small format soccer pitch to have been installed in India, the AstroTurf didn’t take much time to find favor with not just the players.

However so the pitch did not only impress the players and stars who played on it but also the owners! Having recovered their investment within 8 months and apart from being an absolute value for money the owners were thoroughly galvanized that they opted for another twin of the AstroTurf for the exact same size (8900 sq.ft) as the former. The installation of this pitch no. 2 was executed by the Anglian Management Group.

The Astroturf Pitch no. 2 at facility is exactly the same in terms of dimensions, look and technology. With pitch no.2 coming in Adidas ‘The Base Plaza’ expands its capacity of accommodating more enthusiastic players in the city who are always looking for a chance to have a kick about!

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