Fairways Sportgrounds and AstroTurf Europe have completed (November 2018) a new Multi-Sport pitch at St Joseph’s College in Dumfries. The secondary school, founded in 1875, opted for a pitch suited to both football and hockey. The new surface features the latest AstroTurf Soccer XI Academy carpet which is equally suited to both sports and gives pupils benefits of both worlds. The turf has been provided with additional coloured lines to reflect these various applications.

In a double installation, a new full size natural grass pitch was also constructed during the summer which will go into service at the start of the next academic year, beginning August 2019. The redevelopment is part of the Dumfries Learning Town Project; a total refurbishment and extension of St. Joseph’s College, which will provide the school facilities that are fit the 21st century as well as retaining and enhancing historic buildings on the site.

Picture: A 21st century surface with St. Joseph’s College historical buildings forming an appropriate backdrop.