AstroTurf Europe for the one-stop-shop sports experience!

We believe in chain integration in the artificial turf industry and are very proud of the fact that we have integrated all our manufacturing operations under one roof.

AstroTurf Europe’s production facility, located in Grefrath (Germany), creates approximately 4.5 million square meters of artificial turf per year, roughly a production volume of the size of 550 soccer fields. This manufacturing center handles master batches, extrusion, twisting, tufting, and (PU) coating – essentially the entire step-by-step process for manufacturing artificial turf. The facility also includes additional space for storing raw materials and finished product.

Our R&D team and strategic partners extensively test all products and systems for durability, heat retention, UV degradation, color stabilization and a wide variety of biomechanical metrics. This testing includes measurements for traction, rotational resistance, impact absorption, surface stability and other athlete/surface interactions.

The integrity of AstroTurf and our products is preserved through a vertically integrated manufacturing process guided by 100% Quality Control, uncompromised from the factory to the field. From product development and testing to manufacturing and installation, we’re always on top of our game.