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AstroTurf is part of the SportGroup, arguably the largest sports surfacing company in the world.

Profitable and well-funded, German-based SportGroup is the global leader in artificial turf systems and running tracks. Founded 40 years ago, and now with more than 1,000 employees, SportGroup owns manufacturing facilities across the globe and operates in 70 countries. It has supplied more than 7,000 artificial turf surfaces and around 16,000 athletics tracks globally.

Benefits of the SportGroup

  • Focus & Specialization: AstroTurf Europe is proud to be a part of a team that is driven to advance the sports surfacing industry.
  • R&D: The SportGroup team encourages collaboration among research teams across the globe. The combined resources ensure the rapid development of the next generation of innovations for the sports surfacing industry.
  • Expanded Product Offerings: The acquisition by SportGroup creates a team of sports surfacing companies that are focused on introducing the most cutting edge technologies for today’s highly trained athletes. Together, the complementary brands offer:

1. More FIFA, FIH, and World Rugby-certified systems and pitches than ever before
2. Top-tier and Olympic standard field hockey surfaces
3. In-house systems design and development
4. Legendary running track brands, including Rekortan
5. Leading EPDM rubber manufacturing from Melos


  • Stability: With both AstroTurf and SportGroup now being larger and stronger than ever before, clients’ investments are even better protected long term.
  • Quality: All the brands under the SportGroup umbrella have earned impeccable reputations for quality. Many of our manufacturing plants are ISO certified.
  • Service: Customers can count on products of superior quality and a team ready to help them.

AstroTurf is a proud member of SportGroup.