We are here for the athletes

Passion can be found at any level and at all ages. No matter if you are young, old, professional or amateur, AstroTurf wants to make sports an enjoyment for life for everyone.

We know the real thing

With our strong focus on improving players’ perceptions and experiences, we are always looking forward. Backed by a strong tradition, and driven by knowledge and technology, we are always one step ahead. This makes us more than just another supplier of artificial turf.

We lift performances to higher levels.

We are continuously racing to develop solutions and concepts that turn ambitions into reality. And where everybody can be a star!

AstroTurf has a full range of turf solutions for the following applications:


Ball-surface interaction, player safety, sliding friendliness and more are the challenges we are facing and are willing to meet head on.

Field Hockey

Our fast-playing, non-directional, uniform surfaces are demanded by top elite programs across the world.


AstroTurf has decades of experience in developing systems to protect American football players and to propel them to perform. We have used this experience to design our own rugby systems.


Our outdoor multi-sport turf solutions are suitable for all year round use and are available in a variety of colors. AstroTurf multi-sport solutions offer a safe alternative to concrete and asphalt.