Tennis is a game of rich traditions such as all-white apparel, the real grass courts at Wimbledon, and the unrivalled popularity of clay courts.

The traditions are special, but we are finding that tennis is an evolving game. The all-white apparel has been replaced by more progressive designs and the demand for all-weather courts is outpacing that of real grass or clay. The reason for the new demand is not only because every club cannot afford the expensive maintenance of grass or clay courts, but also because the quality of these modern artificial tennis courts make them a good substitute for the traditional courts.

AstroClay and AstroTurf Tennis ST

AstroTurf has already pushed the game further with the development of artificial tennis courts. Our AstroClay is a clay-like court which is playable almost all year round. Our AstroTurf Tennis ST is a strong and durable substitute for those who want to play on grass all year long.

For us, modern tennis isn’t constrained by chalk lines. It’s actually a dynamic sports culture which is adaptive to today’s demands and AstroTurf is ready to move with you!

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