System Design

For the game

For us, it all starts with the artificial turf surface, but we are aware that every site needs the right equipment to accompany it as well. Therefore, we have established a network of companies specializing in sports equipment that can meet all of your needs. No matter if it is goals, dug-outs, fencing, or stadium supplies, our supplies can fit you with the exact equipment your location needs.


For the maintenance

Maintenance is a very important part of the artificial turf management. As we provide our customers with surface maintenance guidelines, we aim to keep the surface in optimal condition for its performance and also to enlarge the lifespan of the artificial turf system.

Clubs and field owners often look for maintenance equipment that save time and offers value through its performance but in doing so, they tend to ignore the specific maintenance demand that their system requires. Based on the requirements set by the leading federations, we can offer you the correct maintenance equipment to fit your needs. Whether is it small, daily maintenance equipment or more heavy, specialized machinery, we can recommend the right equipment and advise you on how to carry out the maintenance correctly.