Hockey Classic


Hockey Classic

Best Uses:

In 1976 nylon became the first hockey surface to be certified in accordance with FIH Global standards! And it is still the fastest hockey surface in the world.

Its not surprising that alternative systems aim to match the playing characteristics of nylon. Whether you are playing short or long passes, controlling the ball is easy’on this system. Thanks to the high density of the surface and the non-directional characteristics of the yarn, the ball roll is unrivalled. This high predictability results in extremely fast play. We call it the ‘Classic’and the playing performance of our in-house designed classic nylon hockey system lives up to the demands of today’s hockey players. Are you ready to speed up?


System Highlights:

  • Fastest hockey surface in the world
  • Ideal ball/surface and stick/surface interaction thanks to 1,722,000 nylon filaments per m 2
  • Watering the dense structure results in a comfortable playing performance
  • While other yarns get lazy, especially in high temperatures, nylon performs better in all conditions
  • Yarn with ‘best curly memory’ for long-term uniform and predictable ball behavior
  • Built on an E-Layer® 15 for the ultimate 3D playing performance
  • Watering necessary
  • Player protection: shock absorption for comfortable play and fewer injuries
  • FIH Global Approved Product (first hockey surface to be certified – in 1976

For the athletes
Stay in control. Get your head up and play your game. Move your stick easily and be confident that the ball will go
where you want it to, hugging the surface as it moves. Nylon is without doubt the fastest and most predictable
hockey surface in the world. It has a proven track record since the 1976 Olympics, but still meets every requirement
of today’s 3D hockey game. Let’s go back to the future!