Hockey XLR8 S.D.


Hockey XLR8 S.D.

Best Uses:

A sand-dressed hockey pitch is the perfect solution for clubs that want to combine higher and lower level hockey.

Our AstroTurf Hockey XLR8 Sand-Dressed system has been designed with a curled yarn that covers the sand infill more than traditional filled hockey pitches. This has huge advantages when it comes to the playing characteristics of the pitch, as the ball will roll on the yarn, making the pitch more even, faster and more predictable than traditional sand-filled systems. In combination with an engineered sub-base, 3D playing techniques can be trained and executed perfectly. The XLR8 Sand-Dressed system offers value for the money and is strong and resistant to cope with the wear and tear of the game.

System Highlights:

  • Easy to get your feet under the ball
  • Polyethylene (PE) Yarn offers better play without watering (less abrasive)
  • Strong and resistant to cope with the wear and tear of the game
  • 630,000 filaments per sqm
  • Micro-curled texturized yarn for total coverage of sand
  • Can be watered for a faster game (not necessary)
  • PreciTex for better yarn distribution and predictable ball roll
  • ClimaCool Yarn Technology for heat reflection
  • Player protection: shock absorption for comfortable play and fewer injuries
AstroTurf Hockey XLR8 Smart and SD Filament

For the athletes
Many players find sand annoying amd prefer playing on water-based pitches. However, these pitches are not always affordable for hockey clubs. Sand-dressed systems offer a solution but the turf should cover the sand as much as possible as players want to play on the fiber, not on the sand. Our engineered system allows players to train and execute 3D hockey techniques as they would on water-based hockey pitches – with a predictable ball roll and perfect stick/surface interaction.


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