Hockey XLR8 Smart


Hockey XLR8 Smart

Best Uses:

Water-based pitches are still the most popular surface among hockey players but qw realize that not all clubs can afford nylon or a highly-engineered water-based pitch.

That’s why we came up with our AstroTurf Hockey XLR8 Smart System. This offers outstanding value for money for anyone wanting to play on a pitch without a sand infill. The system is FIH Global Approved and designed with a yarn that is playable with or without watering. The evenness and the non-directional yarn structure make this pitch perfectly suited to the modern 3D hockey game.

System Highlights:

  •  Easy to get your feet under the ball
  • Polyethylene (PE) yarn offers better play without watering (less abrasive)
  • Strong and resistant to cope with the wear and tear of the game
  • 957,600 filaments per sqm
  • PreciTex for better yarn distribution and predictable ball roll
  • ClimaCool Yarn Technology for heat reflection
  • Player protection: shock absorption for comfortable play and fewer injuries
AstroTurf Hockey XLR8 Smart and SD Filament

For the athletes
Even though players prefer nylon or engineered water-based systems, not every hockey club can afford these. The AstroTurf Hockey XLR8 Smart System is the ideal solution for such clubs. It’s fast, even and non-filled, which makes the system more playable than sand-dressed pitches. It’s a system that players will love to play on. It’s the ideal step for every club wanting to move from a traditional filled systems to a water-based solution.


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