Hockey XLR8


Hockey XLR8

Best Uses:

When it comes to field hockey the playing performance of nylon pitches is still the standard.

As the inventor of nylon hockey pitches, we know exactly what the demands of players will be. This formed the basis for our AstroTurf Hockey XLR8 system, designed for the fast and modern 3D hockey game, with a predictable ball roll and stick/surface interaction. With their PE yarns, these pitches have been developed to maintain their performance with less or no watering. Thanks to the uniform yarn distribution, we have developed a system with a playing performance comparable to traditional nylon pitches.

System Highlights:

  • Polyethylene (PE) yarn offers better play without watering (less abrasive)
  • Strong and resistant to cope with the wear and tear of the game
  • 1,083,600 filaments per sqm
  • PreciTex for better yarn distribution and predictable ball roll
  • Balanced ball bounce thanks to the double-action backing
  • AstroTurf ClimaCool Yarn Technology for heat reflection
  • Player protection: shock absorption for comfortable play and fewer injuries
AstroTurf Hockey XLR8 Filament

For the athletes

The game of hockey is constantly changing, becoming ever faster and taking on 3D playing characteristics. All these changes call for an adaptive hockey system capable of meeting players’ demands. Nylon has long been the preferred surface of hockey players. We kept the characteristics of this surface in mind when designing the AstroTurf Hockey XLR8 System. The unrivaled evenness and
density of the system gives this PE hockey surface the perfect characteristics for any player who wants to perform at the top level.


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