Soccer XI Dynamic


Soccer XI Dynamic

Best Uses:

Strength and resistance: that’s what our XI Dynamic has been designed for. It is surface ideal for intensive use and will offer guaranteed performance over many years.

Thanks to the thick and durable triangular yarn, this system offers any club or municipality excellent value for the money. Pitches are increasingly being used for multiple sports and this is a system designed for increased playing time and will meet the expectations of many owners.

System Highlights:

  • Strong and durable yarn for optimum surface performance

  • Proven track record

  • Value for money

AstroTurf Soccer Dynamic Filament

For the athletes
Players love to play the game day in, day out, rain or shine. Our AstroTurf Soccer XI Dynamic is designed for precisely this kind of player. It is a strong and durable surface that is designed for heavy foot traffic. The affordability for clubs makes this system an ideal solution for soccer communities who love to keep playing.


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