Soccer XI League


Soccer XI League

Best Uses:

The AstroTurf Soccer XI League pitches are strong, resistant and have a proven track record over many years.

The combination of the shape of the yarn (four-sided diamond) and polymer composition results in extremely durable performance, even after intensive use. An even yarn distribution gives the pitch great playing characteristics in terms of ball roll and infill splash. The yarn moves with the ball (non-directional) and is resilient, always returning to an upright position.

System Highlights:

  • Massive and resilient yarn
  • Yarn maintains shape over lifespan (no fibrillation)
  • Balanced skin friction characteristics
  • Better yarn coverage thanks to variety in system design
AstroTurf Soccer XI League Filament

For the athletes
Every surface has its own specifications and every player has his own demands, but we all have the same passion for the game of soccer. Our AstroTurf Soccer XI League pitches are frequently used at (higher) amateur level. They are not only ideal for main pitches but also for training grounds, allowing clubs to train and play matches on the same pitch without any loss of performance. This is a dense product that matches the playing characteristics of natural grass and it is a pitch with a strong track record. We know in the end, it shouldn’t be about the pitch but about the game!


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