System Design

Shock pads are important for system stability and shock absorption.

We distinguish between two types of shock pads: pre-fabricated (foam) shock pads (AstroBase) and in-situ shock pads (E-Layer®). AstroBase shock pads are made in long continuous rolls and can be seamed properly for a monolithic underlayment. An E-Layer® is paved-in-place on site using specially modified running track pavers with heated screeds. These pads often have a mix of small stones, foam and rubber granules bound by high grade polyurethane binder. Our laboratory tests all pads exhaustively before their approval for field use.

  • Provide better shock absorbency and protection for players
  • Create a smoother, more uniform field
  • Increases the lifespan of the turf itself
  • Enable us to reduce the height of the turf to increase pile density and reduce the quantities of more expensive alternative infills required
  • Can be used for more than one field lifecycle, making costs over time very attractive
Astroturf Elayer
AstroTurf Hockey XLR8 AstroBase 8


AstroBase is our own pre-fabricated shock pad and is tested and certified for a wide range of systems.
  • Optimized sports performance: shock absorption, energy restitution and ball bounce
  • Extended durability and constant performance: temperature stability and product warranty of two lifetimes of an artificial turf pitch
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Excellent environmental profile: recyclable


An Elastic Layer (E-Layer®) is an in-situ shock pad which can be installed in different thicknesses.

The thickness required depends on the turf construction and the application the system is going to be used for and should be carefully monitored during construction.

  • Excellent shock absorbency
  • Totally solid under foot
  • Permanent usability (especially in systems that are not glued down)
  • Can alter formulations to make the E-layer more or less bouncy
  • Porous
  • Monolithic – one surface means a total consistency/no gaps or joints under the turf
  • Use high quality polyurethane binder
  • Long lasting
  • Higher up front cost (but reusable indefinitely)
  • Requires precision installation and experienced crews