If you ask a coach with an artificial field whose product he has, there’s a good chance he’ll say AstroTurf.



That’s because AstroTurf has earned a reputation in the baseball world as a company devoted to providing the most naturally playing systems on the market. What’s gotten us there is a disciplined focus on R&D that is grounded in our deep understanding of the game. We’re purists when it comes to baseball, and we’re purists when it comes to quality control. These traits have coalesced to create the Diamond Series baseball systems.

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Benefits of Using AstroTurf

Any synthetic turf will allow baseball programs to start practice earlier in the year and avoid rainouts. But AstroTurf’s Diamond Series provides the most naturally-playing surface on the market. True bounces, natural speed, and realistic sliding distances are required for a quality synthetic turf baseball system. We’ll let you in on a little trade secret — we’ve designed systems that play like clay where they’re supposed to and like grass where they should. Customization is possible and allows for a home-field advantage. Importantly, our use of nylon in the base paths creates realistic sliding distances and enhances durability in these high use areas. Specialized fibers, differentiated pile heights, and tunable infill ratios are critical to the popularity of the Diamond Series. The Diamond Series product lineup is available a la carte for each area of the baseball field.

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