You don’t want to always stay at home. After all, watching sports can be fun, but not nearly as much as actually playing one.

You are an athlete and want to go outside. You want to play and compete with your friends, and practice and improve your skills. You want to take the athlete in you to the next level.

Recommended Multi-Sports Products:

AstroTurf Multi-Sport solutions

Our outdoor multi-sport turf solutions are suitable for all year round use and are available in a variety of colors. AstroTurf multi-sport solutions offer a safe alternative to concrete and asphalt. Our systems have low life-cycle costs and easy maintenance requirements. It is an deal solutions for municipalities or other public areas.

Our artificial turf systems are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are designed to be played on all day and resist the wear and tear of the game. If you would like to turn your public facility into a dynamic complex recreational players and competitors, opt for the AstroTurf Multi-Sport Challenger Smart and prepare the community to challenge and play!

AstroTurf Multi-Sport Challenger Smart

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