How to create a pitch that can stand up to the pressure as well as the players do.

The most important thing is to protect players’ lower ligaments during play and to attenuate shock to reduce the chances of concussions, and doing all of this while providing the speed and agility players need to perform. This is quite challenging indeed, but we have done it!

Rugby as a sport was quick to adopt new generation artificial grass surfaces for the development of the game. Climatic conditions in many countries where the game is played mean that natural grass surfaces become badly worn and unsuitable in winter. In these countries, a good quality artificial turf pitch is the ideal solution. Especially pitches certified as multi-use pitches, where both rugby and soccer can be played.

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AstroTurf is the home of the most innovative Rugby systems.

AstroTurf has decades of experience in developing systems to protect American football players and to propel them to perform. We have used this experience to design our own rugby systems; ones that are safe, durable and perform well.

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