AstroTurf Hockey ST

AstroTurf Hockey ST – Stay in control!

Play hockey all year round: the AstroTurf Hockey ST system is designed to withstand wear and tear from players during all weather conditions.

AstroTurf Hockey ST is an affordable and maintenance friendly system. Players will love the surface’s uniform playing characteristics even when temperatures drop below zero degrees. The system is filled with sand to a level just below the top of the fiber, so you actually play on the fiber. Stay in control on this unrivalled durable system!

Highlights AstroTurf Hockey ST

  • Strong system designed for intensive use
  • Watering not necessary
  • System stability thanks to the fibrillated yarn with sand coverage
  • Infill sand to keep the yarn in an upright position

For the athletes
Even though most hockey players prefer water-based systems, the majority of hockey clubs have a sand-filled system on their site. This is especially well suited to young children, as it is the perfect surface on which to master the game. It’s strong and durable and has a proven track record over many years. The pitch is stabilized with sand, to a level just under the top of the yarn, so the game will actually be played on the turf. Are you ready to master it?