AstroTurf Padel Masters

AstroTurf Padel Masters – Don’t be the same. Be better!

Padel is fun. Padel is dynamic.

Padel calls for a system that can withstand the energy of the game. It calls for a system designed for quick and heavy foot traffic. AstroTurf Padel Masters is specially designed for the players.

Highlights of AstroTurf Padel Masters

  • Easy to get your feet under the ball
  • All-year- round playability (only unplayable in ice and snow and during thaw)
  • Strong yarn, specially designed for heavy footwork
  • Great ball bounce and ball spin
  • Controlled sliding characteristics and balanced shoe/surface interaction
  • Player protection: uniform surface for comfortable play and fewer injuries
  • Sand filled for yarn stability (to just under the top of the yarn)
  • Maintenance friendly (no need to reconstruct courts every spring)

For the athletes
You love the speed of the game. You love the challenge. You love to play padel. The AstroTurf Padel Masters system allows you to play your favorite game all year round with a perfect ball bounce and ball spin and even more than that. Twist and slide and give everything for your game. Don’t be the same. Be better!