Soccer WearMaxx

AstroTurf Soccer WearMaxx – What’s in a name…

WearMaxx is a system for those who never quit, for those who play soccer day in and day out. It is a surface strong enough to withstand heavy wear and tear from frequent use with all kinds of footwear.

This system is an ideal system for 5-a- side or other multi-sport applications. It is maintenance friendly and will offer good performance over many years. Thanks to the fibrillated yarn, the infill will be covered and long-lasting playing performance is guaranteed.

Highlights AstroTurf Soccer WearMaxx

  • Fibrillated yarn for volume and infill coverage
  • Stable and predictable system, even after intensive use
  • Hard-wearing yarn; ideal solution for 5-a- side or multi-sport purposes
  • Designed for all kinds of footwear
  • Less maintenance
  • Available with mowing effect

For the athletes
Soccer can be a tough game, especially when it is played on the ‘street’. Street Soccer is a different game and demands different skills from the players and the pitch. Players battle for every single square meter. For these applications, you need a firm surface that will give you maximum performance that can cope with heavy wear and tear. This game requires an even pitch with predictable ball roll, infill coverage and excellent grip for all kinds of footwear. WearMaxx brings all of this to the table. Don’t allow others to control your game, choose AstroTurf Soccer WearMaxx!