Soccer XI Arena

AstroTurf Soccer XI Arena – Turf For The Win

AstroTurf Soccer XI systems are engineered to the exact specifications of championship players.
Our Arena XI pitches are designed with an S-Curved yarn strengthened with two ProSpines, a strong and durable yarn with long-lasting performance characteristics and unrivaled resilience. Players can get their head up when they dribble, as the yarn moves with the ball in every direction, giving the pitch extremely natural playing characteristics.

Highlights of AstroTurf Soccer XI Arena

  • Easy to get your feet under the ball
  • Yarn moves with the ball, ideal for playing the ‘passing game’
  • Ball roll is predictable, players can get their head up
  • Less infill splash
  • Sliding friendly, even in dry weather conditions
  • Natural grass-like playing characteristics

For the athletes
We are here for the players. All of our systems are engineered to the exact specifications of athletes. Based on thorough research, we have engineered our systems with all of the required components. What athletes want is a surface that makes kicking easy, is sliding friendly, has no infill splash and offers great ball/surface interaction. Our soft and dense AstroTurf Soccer XI Arena yarn has it all, a system that players love to play on.