AstroTurf Tennis AstroClay

AstroTurf Tennis AstroClay – Never Give Up!

While clay is still the most popular surface amongst tennis players, clay courts require extensive maintenance and are unsuitable for year-round use.

That’s why we came up with our AstroTurf Tennis AstroClay System: an all-weather clay court offering the playing characteristics of traditional clay courts. From ball bounce and sliding characteristics through to visible ball prints, this system has it all. And as it is the best surface on which to master all the basics of tennis, it is the ideal surface for young and old.

Highlights of AstroTurf Tennis AstroClay

  • Higher water permeability than traditional clay courts
  • All-year- round playability (only unplayable in ice and snow and during thaw)
  • Controlled sliding characteristics and same shoe/surface interaction as clay
  • Great ball bounce and ball spin
  • Visible ball prints
  • No need to reconstruct courts every spring

For the athletes
Tennis players need to master balance, stamina, endurance, point building, different amounts of rotation, angle use, defending and attacking. The best surface to master all of this is on clay. AstroClay is a system that allows you to practice these techniques all year round. This is a slow court, ideal for long rallies and with ball spin and playing characteristics like traditional clay. Are you ready for the dust?